La Bellezza

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Introduction to my blog: La Bellezza

“with immediacy and intensity, smell activates the memory, allowing our minds to travel freely in time.”

Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume 1984

This is not a blog about lavender, though there will be many postings about the herb. I grow a lot of it, looking forward every summer solstice to its lovely appearance in my gardens. Rather, this blog is like many others that touches on a good many topics concerned with home, family, food, life, work, social issues, and the like. Lavender, then, as one can garner from the quote above, is about the herb’s unique ability to transform scattered thoughts into focused contemplation–a vehicle, if you will, with the power to ease stress and lift mood. The smell of lavender is indubitably serene.One cannot write if one is constantly battling thoughts of do it now. One–in this case because of the authorship here, “I”–need time to reflect and reach in order to find the words to explain feeling. Thus, lavender will be my companion in this venture, freeing my mind both mentally and physically to allow my mind to “travel freely” and get my words on paper.